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Single User Non-commercial Subscription Agreement

Last modified on 20 November 2017 (please email us at to view any archived versions)

1. What This Subscription Agreement Covers

1.1   This Subscription Agreement describes the terms that apply to your subscription to any service on our (Shareclarity Limited) site. These terms apply to your subscription service in addition to terms in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please email us at should you require any additional information relating to these terms.

2. Responsibilities

2.1   To subscribe to a subscription service, you must have registered with Shareclarity. Registration is free (see section 3 of our Terms of Use).  
2.2   You are entirely responsible for all use, activities and charges associated with, or arising from, your Shareclarity account (regardless of whether you authorised such use) including any unauthorised use of your or any other credit card. Each username can only be used by a single user and is not transferable. An attempt to login with a username that is already in use will disconnect the other user. Please email us at immediately if you suspect that there has been any unauthorised use of your account.

3. Charges

3.1   We may change our fees, or introduce new fees, from time to time. Should this occur the change will be posted on our site. Your use of the site after we have posted the change will be considered an acceptance of the change.
3.2   To purchase a subscription service, you must submit valid credit card details. Payments will be processed immediately and all fees will be debited in full in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) or Australian Dollars (AUD) and, unless otherwise stated, will include New Zealand Goods and Services taxes (GST). You will be emailed a receipt for your subscription fees.
3.3   If any subscription fees or other charges billed to your credit card are not processed for any reason, we shall have the right to suspend your subscription until such fees or other charges are paid in full.

4. No Retention Of Credit Card Details And Automatic Renewal Of Services

4.1   For security reasons and the protection of your privacy and financial information, we do not retain any banking or credit card details. Your subscriptions include an automatic renewal feature that you can cancel online on your members page.
4.2   Payments are processed through the secure DPS Payment Express system. Any credit card details stored for recurring payments are done so on the DPS system. No credit card information is stored by us and we are PCI compliant. Payments must be received prior to commencement of subscription services.

5. No Refund

5.1   Due to the collaborative nature of our site, all transactions will be final and non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for: partial or unused subscriptions; cancellation or termination of your account; changes to the performance, availability and functionality of our services or our site; or changes to the terms and conditions of our services and the use of our site. 

6. Term

6.1   Your subscription will begin at the time that a valid payment has been received, and will continue until the end of the subscription period you have chosen. You will also be given notification via email of the commencement and term of your subscription.

7. Personal Non-commercial Use

7.1   All subscription services are strictly for your own personal use only, and you cannot use the subscription services for commercial purposes. The use of subscription services for a commercial purpose is any use other than accessing and using the services for your own personal and private use. To avoid doubt, you cannot allow another person to access your subscription services with your username. 

8. Termination

8.1   We may, in our sole discretion, terminate or suspend your access to all or part of a subscription service, without notice, if you breach this Subscription Agreement or our Terms of Use (and any subsequent changes to them), or we discontinue the Shareclarity site.

9. Changes To These Terms

9.1   We reserve the right to change any or all parts of the terms of this Subscription Agreement. Should this occur the change will be posted on our site. Your use of the site after we have posted the change will be considered an acceptance of the change.

10. General

10.1   We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate any of our services, by providing notice on our site and/or to you via email. We will not be liable to you or any third party for such action. 
10.2   Any provision of these terms and conditions that is invalid or unenforceable, will be deemed deleted and this invalidity will not affect the other provisions of these terms, all of which remain in full force and effect to the extent permitted by law, subject to any modifications made necessary by the deletion of the invalid or unenforceable provision. 
10.3   These terms and conditions contains everything agreed by you and us in respect of the matters covered by it and supersedes all previous understandings in respect of those matters.
10.4   You agree that regardless of any law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of our site and our services must be filed within six months after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.
10.5   These terms and conditions are governed by, and will be construed in accordance with, the laws of New Zealand.